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  • Your questions answered

    These are our most frequently asked questions about Verikey.

    What is Verikey about?

    Verikey is simply address and contacts verification service. We help hosts and travellers find each other directly, with confidence, and without commission.

    What differs Verikey from other vacation rental websites?

    Verikey provides transparent and proven verification process, which customers can easily check. With most of vacation rentals platform it is impossible.

    Why does Verikey use address verification by post?

    Verification by post is the most proven method of offline authentication today. It is used by such companies as Google™ and™ to validate their suppliers.

    What information will you need from me to start?

    All we need from you is information about accommodation (including name and address) to be verified and a links to official listings. We also do our own preliminary research to ensure that your business meets our basic good-standing requirements.

    How can I check Verikey performance?

    It is possible to monitor the number of visitors and their action in the management section of your Verikey account.

    Is it possible to change the address after verification has begun?

    Verikey is designed to be transparent. Therefore, there is no technical possibility to change address once the verification has started.

  • Some things you might like to know

    We are based in France, and the French love bureaucracy. Invoices are sent the second they are generated, to an email of your choice. They may not be pretty, but they are stuffed with essential billing details.
    At current, credit cards are the only way to pay for Verikey. We are actively working to integrate other methods, including SEPA Direct Debit for customers within the EU. We are unable to accept PayPal payments at this time, as they do not support subscription payments by default — but we are working to change this! You will certainly see more options appear, but if you want to use a particular payment method, then please get in contact with us and we will do what we can to accommodate you.
    Your payment details will be sent directly to Stripe, our payment provider, who is one of the largest payment providers in the world. They will store your payment information for the duration of your subscription. Stripe provides us with the basic information needed to show you which credit card you added to your account. We do not store or have access to your credit card information or CVC.
    If you are based outside of the EU, then no. If you are based in France, we will charge you 20% VAT. If you are based elsewhere in the EU, you must provide a valid VAT number, or we will have to calculate and charge VAT for your country.
    No problem! All you have to do is log in, go to the account page, and press cancel. That’s it. You can re-enable your subscription at any time without any extra cost.

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