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    Increase Travellers Trust
    with Verified Address

    One of the first things a travellers will do when searching for a transfer, guide, chef or ski instructor is to check its location and see if they have an address on their website they can verify to understand if a company can be trusted.

    Listing an address is not always enough, though. If you are working on a small scale, you can appear less approachable than a large company. One way to reinforce trust is to have your physical address verified by a third party. Verikey does this with a simple yet elegant solution. This verification gives those working in the travel industry a way to show customers that the address they list is genuinely linked with the website.

    Having an address verified shows an extra level of professionalism that can increase trust as well as improve engagement and the amount of enquires/sales you receive. It also gives travellers peace of mind — not only while they browse your website, but before, during and after they use your service.

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