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    Verified Address is
    the Best Trust Signal

    Trust is an important variable for any e-commerce business. It can be the defining factor between an abandoned cart and a successful sale. Commerce used to be defined by a physical location, so naturally, many still expect a business to have a physical address — even in the e-commerce world.

    Verikey gives customers that extra sense of trust and security by validating the business address you list on your website. It shows customers that your online shop really exists and that their money won't just disappear. Potential customers can click the badge to find out more information, while you can keep track on the Verikey website of how many people are checking your verification.

    By adding the Verikey Verified Address badge to your site, you can improve your customer experience, offer a greater sense of security, and increase conversions by preventing cart abandonment. It is perfect for letting people know you mean serious business!

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